Window films – how to apply with wet and dry application methods

Choosing the right application method for applying window films to glass is essential for ensuring the long term success of the finished job. The choice of application method is also influenced by the different adhesive technologies. Water-based adhesives are only compatible with dry application, and solvent-based adhesives are suitable for either dry or wet application.

Wet application method

The ‘wet application’ method is by far the most popular choice for frosted window film applications. You can use this technique regardless of the size of the window film graphic, but it is most beneficial with larger applications as it enables the user to easily reposition the film.

We have created a video that shows our application specialist demonstrating the full wet application process from start to finish including useful tips for a successful application onto window films.

An ideal product for the wet application method is ImagePerfect MagicApply, which makes it easy to reposition your graphics until you are happy with the placement. ImagePerfect MagicApply is an oil-free product that has no impact on the applied graphics. Using a product that contains oil such as washing up liquid can cause a number of issues including adhesive system failure.

Tip: Do not use ImagePerfect MagicApply if the temperature of application is below 10°C.

Dry application method

The only recommended method for films with air egress technology is dry application. Air egress technology is the inclusion of air channels into the adhesive of the product. This means you will have greater levels of repositionability which will result in faster, easier and bubble-free installations. This is also the recommended method for any type of window films when the application temperature is below 10°C. A dry application method can also be suitable for the application of small to medium window film graphics where the ability to reposition the graphics is less important.

See the dry application process being demonstrated by our specialist

With both a wet and dry application method on window films, you should always remember to use a surface cleaner to clean your substrate before application. We supply products from industry leading brands including Avery Dennison, 3M, ORAFOL and ImagePerfect.

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