Choosing the right decorative window film for your glass application

Decorative window films can dramatically transform glass and windows of commercial buildings. Whether the purpose of the application is for increased privacy, branding or decoration, there’s a solution for both interior and exterior applications.

Decorative window films can turn a dull environment into anything you want! A huge range of frosted decorative window films are available offering amazing finishes as well as digitally printable options. These ranges also offer superb durability from 3 to 15 years with multiple adhesive options, take a look online at our portfolio.

What to consider when choosing a frosted decorative window film?

Application method

Wet application

In most window applications a ‘wet application’ method is used. You can use this technique regardless of the size of the graphic, but it is most beneficial with larger graphic applications as it enables the user to easily reposition the graphics.

Tip: An ideal product for the wet application method is ImagePerfect MagicApply, which makes it easy to reposition your graphics until you are happy with the placement.

Dry application

The only recommended method for films with air egress technology is dry application. It can also be used with films with standard adhesive for small to medium graphics where repositionability may be less important. The dry application method is also the recommended option when application temperatures are below 10°C.

The choice of application method is also influenced by the different adhesive technologies. Water-based adhesives are only compatible with dry application, and solvent-based adhesives are suitable for either dry or wet application.

If you would like to find out more about how to wet and dry apply, have a look at our specialist demonstrating both methods.

Tip: Whatever the application method you choose, you should always use a surface cleaner to clean the surface of your substrate before application. We supply products from industry leading brands including Avery Dennison, 3M, ORAFOL and ImagePerfect

Durability / Adhesive technology

When specifying a decorative window film material, durability and adhesive technology should be main considerations. Both will be influenced by how long the films will need to be in place before it is removed. Our portfolio offers films with durability ranging from 3 to 15 years.

Air egress technology

More installers are starting to take advantage of films with air egress technology, making them easier to reposition on glass with bubble-free application. As films with air egress technology are applied dry, this removes the mess created with wet application and cuts down application time. Films with air egress technology are also useful when application takes place in cold or wet conditions.


To make the right product choice, you also need to consider the removability of the film. There are few removable frosted decorative window films on the market. ImagePerfect 7801R is a three-year product ideal for short-term applications requiring easy removal. Removable products give you the ability to remove cleanly from the glass with no adhesive residue within two years of application.

How about when you want to remove a film with a longer lifespan? Vinyl removers make light work of long-life films that have been applied to glass for the length of their durability. Once the film has been removed, if you need to get rid of any adhesive residue, then you can choose from a suitable adhesive remover.

Aesthetics and finishes

Signage films

Once you have established the technical product features you need for your application, you can think about the choice of finish. This can be anything from a high density finish to a sparkling design. The choice is down to personal preference and the application requirements (e.g. high density films are a great option when privacy is required).

Spandex offers frosted decorative window films with a range of finishes from 3M, Avery Dennison, ORAFOL, MACtac and ImagePerfect. These are sold by the metre so you can buy any quantity you require.

Printable frosted window films

When you need a printable frosted decorative window film, Spandex offers four different finishes from ImagePerfect, including three products with PerfectApply air egress technology. Choose from IP 2515 Satin Crystal (with PA); IP 2536 Light Silver Frost (with PA) and IP 2569 Satin Crystal HD (with PA).

ImagePerfect Decorative Window Films

Decorative window films are extremely popular for a number of glass applications, most notably in office and retail environments. With a variety of finishes, adhesive systems and features available to choose from, why not get in touch with our friendly team to discuss the best options for you.

Whatever your requirements or brand preference, Spandex has a solution for you and in most cases our products are available for next day delivery!

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