Top wrap film attributes and optimism among vehicle wrappers

A couple of weeks ago we looked in some detail at the results from our vehicle wrapping customer survey, which we undertook earlier this year across a range of countries. As this sector presents such a huge growth opportunity to our customers, we are here to share some more of the findings.

Film Attributes

Survey respondents noted that the top five film wrap attributes they look for when purchasing colour change film include: conformability of film (60%), lifting resistance in deep channels (56%), repositionability of film (46%), range of colour choices (45%) and long-term colour fade resistance (41%).

At Spandex we have a huge range of vehicle wrap films which meet the attributes that were rated highly in the survey. With our extensive portfolio we can supply customers with a wide variety of colour and special effect films so that customers have a large choice to tailor to their specific job requirements.

Custom Colour Wrap Film Order Quantity

It’s interesting to note that when asked about the quantity of custom film wraps they’d order, 55% of survey participants stated that they would only order one roll, compared to 3% ordering between 7-10 rolls. This is consistent with how our customers work: the majority of which are small businesses who focus on jobs one-by-one. They may also lack the capital to carry huge inventory of materials. This means that they order rolls per job, examining requirements on a day-to-day basis and order knowing that, with our next day delivery policy, the materials will be there in time for the job to be started.

Optimism among vehicle wrappers

The market is optimistic about future growth in 2016: 70% of wrappers expect to grow their colour change film purchases, and nearly half expect growth of at least 10% , with 5% of respondents expecting an increase of a staggering 50% or more in their purchases.

Since most of survey respondents are small businesses with five employees or fewer, it is refreshing to see that their confidence levels are so high when it comes to wrapping.

The growth can be explained simply by greater vehicle wrapping demand, which has been facilitated by the high levels of quality and innovation not only in wrapping film technology but also through an impressive range of colours and special effects. In addition, more and more customers are being creative about what they wrap which naturally increases the potential market size – the technology is there – so we are seeing more demand wrapping other types of vehicle and objects such as boats, bikes, jet skis, doors, furniture, helicopters, etc.

Vehicle wrapping is a lucrative and booming market, which could open up a multitude of opportunities for your business. And at Spandex, we have the portfolio, experience and customer service to help you race ahead in this market sector.



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