Mindset over Matter. The Materials choice.

Materials are sometimes thought of as a bit of a sidekick to the main event in the graphics industry, but in reality they offer so much more. When it comes to a change of décor in a hotel lobby, leisure centre, shop or hospitality area, you may be surprised what can be achieved using materials alone.

Take this example: Your client has an out of date look in their retail environment. They’ve been meaning to modernise it for ages but can’t face the thought of literally having to ’shut up shop’ for the days or weeks it may take to complete the refurbishment. The lack of revenue! The mess! The disturbance and upheaval to staff! It’s all too much. But here you step in: It can all be completed at a fraction of the cost, quickly and with minimal disruption by using some clever materials to re-skin what is already there.

Interior decoration using the existing base as the starting point is on the up. There are self-adhesive materials and finishes available from leading manufacturers which have the appearance of natural products and which can be laid over existing surfaces such as window frames, lift interiors, counters, floors, walls and so on, to create a brand new look. Complemented with decorative items (which you can print digitally) a shop refurb, for example, can take place in just a few days, around opening hours, minimising disruption and impact on the environment and enabling that all important revenue for the shop owner to keep coming in. All this at a fraction of the cost of a total refurbishment – a very attractive proposition for most business owners.

So, signmakers and printers out there who haven’t yet embraced the interior décor future: a slight change of mindset on the subject of materials, and the world can be your oyster.



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