Make your point of sale (POS) count with materials from Spandex

In the queue at the local supermarket, who can fail to notice the point of sale (POS) displays full of the latest seasonal offers? And yes, most of us are sucked in and end up going home with something we never intended on buying. How did that happen?

By Chris Holmes, Category Manager, Spandex UK

Displays with bright graphics and stand-out ‘offers’ tempt us, and, it’s hard to understand how any shopper walks past without a product from one of these ending up in their basket. This is precisely what retailers and visual merchandisers rely on.

Entering any store or leisure complex nowadays, it’s almost impossible to ignore the plethora of POS displays. Whether it’s the banners hanging overhead at your local cinema promoting the latest blockbuster, or those freestanding displays in the supermarket tempting you to purchase something you never intended on, there’s no escaping it, POS is everywhere!

The POS industry is in growth mode and was one sector that didn’t take too much of a hit during the recession, as retailers needed to lure customers in store to buy, making it even more relevant. And, where marketing budgets are now on the rise, so is the demand for display graphics.

Multiple POS options

However, there has been a shift: where once roll up, pop up and pavement signs were the bread and butter of the sector, today there are many other opportunities for signmakers and brands. That’s not to say that the conventional POS systems are obsolete, they are still proving popular. But with finishes like textile solutions and LED illuminated displays, brands can look at new ways to entice consumers.

The POS market will continue to evolve, and for brands wanting to create a deeper engagement with customers, there are numerous possibilities. Working with the signmaker, and combining traditional and modern POS solutions with digital technologies is the ultimate solution and fits with changing consumer habits, enabling brands to end up with a POS display that stands out from the crowd.

Have a look at the POS options from Spandex here.



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