Impressions from FESPA 2022: Feeling the Pulse of our Fast-Moving Sector

by Andrew Coulsen, CEO

June, 2022 Joining a company in the middle of a global pandemic has meant that major sector events have been practically non-existent, making it hard to stand back and get a bird’s eye view of the business community that is now my ‘home’. So, a visit to FESPA Global Print Expo 2022 in Berlin this month was my first immersion into a large-scale visual communications exhibition.

I’ve known since I arrived at Spandex that I’ve stepped into a dynamic sector with countless growth opportunities for our customers in new verticals and emerging applications. At FESPA, I could finally feel the pulse myself. From signage and graphics, to printable textiles, to vehicle wrapping, to interior décor – a walk through the show halls in Berlin brought the whole landscape to life, giving me a unique chance to observe the diverse customer base we serve through the Spandex Group. And the incredible energy that I and other visitors felt around the show was dialled up to the max on our stand, where our ImagePerfect™ and Berger Textiles brands were presented side by side, showcasing our self-adhesive films and textile substrates to customers from all over the world.

Picture of the team working at FESPA 2022 Event

Picture of the Imageperfect team working hard at FESPA 2022 Event

Everywhere I looked around the show, it was evident that new launches and performance developments in materials are one of the key drivers for creative and commercial diversification in this sector. Though the focus is often on innovations in equipment, in reality it’s the axis of print technology, media and inks that is helps graphics producers, textile printers and other visual communications businesses break new ground and carve out profitable, complementary revenue streams. It reinforced my conviction that, with our multi-faceted product portfolio and deep applications expertise, Spandex can be a catalyst for profitable growth for our customers.

A dominant theme around FESPA Global Print Expo this year was sustainability, so the reaction to the launch of our brand new ImagePerfect EverGreen concept was phenomenal. Customers came to the show actively looking for solutions that can genuinely help them and their clients make more environmentally responsible choices. Our holistic approach to every aspect of the product really hit the mark with buyers from around the world, signalling exciting opportunities in new territories and markets.

Picture of the ImagePerfect team at FESPA event

Picture of the ImagePerfect team at FESPA event

But for all the trend-spotting, the product launches, the new business developments – the essence of this sector is the connection between people, and this comes to life at a show like nowhere else. Since I started at Spandex, I’ve known that our people are the key ingredient to our success. I’ve spoken to many members of our team around the world, and at FESPA I finally saw them working together, winning the hearts and minds of customers and prospects with their knowledge, passion and commitment. Just a month ago we introduced our new strapline, ‘Inspiring Creativity’. At FESPA, for the first time, I really experienced what this means for the businesses that choose to work with us, and it felt amazing.

Andrew Coulsen Headshot

Author – Andrew Coulsen

Andrew Coulsen is the CEO of Spandex Group, one of the world’s leading suppliers of materials, sign systems, displays and equipment to the sign making, graphics, architectural and vehicle wrapping markets.



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