2016 Predictions

Leon Watson, General Manager, Spandex looks ahead in 2016 and shares what he thinks will be key areas to watch over the coming 12 months:

These days, it’s even more about the end user and what they want as an individual than ever before, and our customers are adapting to make jobs even more personal and customised. To achieve this, we have noticed a steady growth in certain key areas and I anticipate that this will continue during 2016.

  1. Wall coverings

We are seeing key suppliers like HP really focus on this area. With changes in both material and adhesive technology, companies are now able to take advantage of every inch of display and advertising space available to them – whether for short term promotions or indeed for a customised solution. These coverings offer huge potential to businesses both large and small.

  1. Architectural applications

Again, advancements in materials have unlocked the opportunities to refurbish, rather than renew, at literally a fraction of the cost, not to mention the positive impact on the environment! It’s really not necessary to replace everything when materials such as Dinoc can provide a much needed facelift for bars, nightclubs, hotels, banks, etc. And, with the time saved by making updates to an establishment rather than gutting and renewing, there is a positive impact on the bottom line as well, with shorter closures meaning less of a loss in revenue.

  1. Vehicle wrap … more focus on accent colours & textures

Vehicle wrapping continues to grow at an extraordinary pace, but the nature and look of a wrap is changing.  With more focus on different textures, and finishes such as chrome, colour shift and carbon fibre, as well as partial wraps focussing on accent colours to complement current paintwork becoming more popular, I anticipate that this sector will continue to boom in 2016. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want a personalised car, or at the very least a means of protecting the paintwork?!

  1. Upturn in ‘weekend’ wrappers

And finally, I think it’s fair to say that there are more companies than ever before entering the wrapping market. Some are the so-called ‘hobby’ wrappers who focus on vehicle customisation at weekends to supplement their income. With basic wrapping skills and a supplier like Spandex with a wealth of materials knowledge behind you, it’s possible to achieve anything. We see evidence of the growth of vehicle wrappers through our Vehicle Wrap Training which gets booked up months in advance with brand new companies just coming into the market



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