Why Vehicle Wraps Are a Great Marketing Investment

When it comes to advertising your brand or business, you’re naturally always looking for quality returns on your investment. Several forms of advertising can help you accomplish this, and one of the most robust for many brands is the use of vehicle wraps. 

At Spandex, we’re here to offer everything you need to create great car wraps for any business or brand, from vehicle wrap tools to vehicle wrap laminates, media and more. What are some of the qualities that make car wraps such a great investment for many businesses and brands? Here are several. 

One-Time Costs

With many other forms of marketing, your costs are continuous. Take email marketing, for instance, which requires you to pay for lists, ad placements, and more in order to stay top of mind with your target audiences. 

With car wraps, however, you just need to invest a one-time cost and you’ll be reaping the rewards for years afterwards. A single purchase of car wrap materials and the cost of installation can provide you with an incredible ROI, as the visibility of your brand or business increases dramatically. 

Wide Reach

Vehicle wraps are unique in that you’re able to take your message where no other form of advertising can go – wherever the roads lead! That means more potential customers will see your message, and the longer they’re exposed to it, the more brand recognition you’ll receive. 

This is especially valuable for businesses that are trying to increase their presence in new markets or expand their reach to a wider audience. It’s also valuable for businesses who have wide demographics they’re looking to reach, as vehicle wraps can be seen in both urban and rural areas. 


With the quality materials we provide here at Spandex, your car wraps will provide you with years of great ROI. The laminates used are highly durable and designed to withstand exposure to weather conditions such as rain and snow. That means you don’t need to worry about replacing your car wraps any time soon, allowing you to keep the cost of advertising down while still getting a great return. 

Grabbing Attention Subconsciously

While many forms of advertising are designed to grab attention, vehicle wraps can do so in a more subtle yet powerful way. The images on your car wrap will be seen subconsciously by your target demographic – even if they don’t consciously register it. That means more people will start to recognize your brand or business and may seek you out when the time comes for them to purchase something related.

And with time, this will lead to steady growth in sales and ROI. More and more of your target audience will start to recognize your brand, and even if they don’t make an immediate purchase, it’s an excellent way to stay top of mind with them. 

Not Pushy or Aggressive

Many consumers don’t like to feel as if they’re being aggressively marketed to, and vehicle wraps offer a more unobtrusive way for them to recognize your brand. They don’t create a feeling of pressure or urgency; rather, they provide potential customers with a gentle reminder of your business and its offerings. 

By using vehicle wraps, you’re able to reach out to customers without creating an uncomfortable situation. Rather than pushing ads on them, you’re passively providing information about your brand or business – and that can often be just as powerful. 

Targeting Audiences Based on Driving Habits

While we already went over the ability of vehicle wraps to target broad audiences, a note on the flip side: If you’re in need of reaching a more specific demographic, you can also use vehicle wraps to target based on driving habits. 

For example, if your business is located near a busy highway or freeway, you can choose to have your car wrap placed on vehicles that drive along this route frequently. That way, you’ll be able to reach the exact audience you’re looking for and maximize your ROI. 

It’s clear that vehicle wraps offer a great return on investment for businesses of all sizes – and when done right, they can help you to reach new heights with your branding efforts. Why not take advantage of the powerful marketing tool today? 

At Spandex, we offer all the products and tools you need to get the most out of your car wraps. We specialize in helping businesses reach their full potential – and that starts with making sure you have quality materials for your car wrap project. Contact us today, or visit our website,  to learn more about our products and services, and get started on creating a powerful vehicle wrap that will bring great ROI for years to come!



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