Identifying Your Ideal Utah Window Tinting Partner

If you’ve decided to tint your car’s windows for any reason, whether for automotive security, a style upgrade or any combination therein, you naturally want the very best tinting professionals to partner with. How can you tell if the window tinting company you’re considering is up to the task?

At Spandex, automotive window tint film is just one of the numerous vehicle restyling products we provide to auto tinting and paint protection shops in Utah. Here are some of the top signs of quality window tinting you should be prioritizing before you agree on services anywhere.

Services Offered

First and foremost, before you even begin digging into other factors at play, you need to determine whether the tinting company you’re considering is actually willing to offer the services you’ve requested. If they’re not, no matter how convenient their location may be, it’s time to move on and try your luck elsewhere. While some companies simply don’t offer certain services or products, a better partner will work with you and your needs and do whatever they can to meet them.

In many cases, the services you need will stretch beyond just window tinting, and may include others like paint protection or other types of vinyl car wrap. If you don’t check on these things before your appointment, you could find that the company is unable to meet your needs. Again, there’s nothing wrong with a “no” answer — just as long as it’s from a place of respect and understanding rather than being an effort to quell you.

Experience Level

Once you’ve confirmed a given partner offers all the services you need, it’s time to look at their experience level. Automotive window tinting veterans who have been in business for several years typically know exactly how to meet their clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. They also tend to offer more extensive warranties and better deals than newer window tint businesses, simply because they’ve had time to establish themselves in the field and can afford to be a bit more generous.

As such, any window tinting professional you’re considering should be able to show you a catalog of past works and testimonials, rather than just contenting themselves with empty promises. The more they can show you — and the more consistently high-quality their work is — the more reliable your window tinting partner will be.

Reviews and Recommendations

It’s also important to get third-party opinions on the quality of the window tinting services you’re considering. If your friends or family are familiar with window tinting, see if they can recommend a company to you.

If not, or even if you just want more information, turn to online reviews for insight into their level of service and quality of workmanship — there are numerous sites devoted specifically to these kinds of reviews, so setting up an account on one or two of them won’t take up too much of your time.

Once you’ve read some reviews, the next step is to set up consultations with any prospective partners and find out firsthand what they can do for you. Again, the more options they offer, the better; if you’re not sure what kind of tint will work best for you, ask your partner for help. They should be willing to guide you through the process without pressuring you into making a decision before you’re ready — just like they’ll do when it comes time for installation.

Warranty Considerations

Another vital sign of a great window tinting company is their warranty terms. If they’re unwilling to offer you long-term warranties, or won’t put anything in writing, then you have no guarantee that your investment will be worthwhile — or even safe!

On the other hand, if your potential partner offers several kinds of warranty packages and agrees to go over them with you, then you’ll have a better sense of what to expect if something does go wrong. For example, stricter warranties tend to cover defects in the product or installation for several years after it’s been put into use; these are typically offered by well-established businesses that recognize the risks that come along with automotive window tinting.

Cost Factors

And finally, like any other significant purchase you’re considering, it’s important to consider what you’ll pay for your window tinting services. That said, this isn’t an area where you should be too frugal; not only will cheap window tinting cause problems in the long run if it fails prematurely, but even high-quality products typically don’t cost much more than low-end ones do.

For this reason, while you’ll naturally be looking for the best deal possible, be wary of prices that seem too good to be true — because they probably are. If one window tinting company is offering prices that are 75% lower than all their main competitors in the area, for instance, this is typically a telltale sign that something shady is going on, and you shouldn’t waste your money on this sort of company.

For more on how to choose an ideal window tinting partner for your vehicle’s needs, or to learn about any of our window tinting, paint protection or other services to Utah clients, speak to the staff at Spandex today.



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