How to Find the Best Heat Transfer Vinyl Supplier

Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) is one of the most popular materials used in the decoration and personalization of clothing and promotional products. Arguably the most popular use for this material is the creation of custom t-shirts. However, the high level of versatility provided by heat transfer vinyl makes it perfect for almost any application where you want to create custom designs on fabrics, canvas and related materials.

If you use heat transfer vinyl in your business, getting the right materials at the right price can make a huge difference in your success. HTV bulk purchasing keeps your cost as low as possible. However, you can’t compromise quality and reliability in exchange for lower pricing.

The heat transfer supplier experts at Spandex understand the importance of providing exceptional value and customer service. We are committed to providing you with the best heat transfer vinyl products for the lowest possible price.

Is One Heat Transfer Vinyl Better Than Another?

Not all heat transfer vinyl products are created equal. In fact, unless you take great care in choosing your materials, you could find yourself and your business in a tough spot.

Poor quality products do not provide the highest quality design results. Worse, they provide substandard durability. If you have ever experienced designs that are rough or brittle, you understand. It cracks and peels, sometimes after a single washing. Good HTV products, on the other hand, should produce impeccable results that last the lifetime of the carrier material.

In exchange for a small cost savings, you will face unhappy customers, expensive returns and negative online reviews.

Using substandard HTV can also cost you money in time and equipment damage. It will take longer to apply and could harm your presses and other expensive equipment. You could even face legal and financial liability if you’re not careful. Some low-quality products could contain lead or phthalates, which can be harmful for babies, infants and children.

Should You Buy HTV in Bulk?

Buying HTV in bulk makes sense for many businesses. In fact, this is a highly effective way to get the best quality heat transfer vinyl materials at the lowest possible cost.

Depending on the type of vinyl crafting and garment customization services you offer, purchasing materials in bulk can provide some other significant advantages for your business.

The ability to offer quick turnaround can increase sales. Today’s consumers want instant gratification. If you can’t start on their products until you order and receive materials, potential customers might be giving their business to your competitors who have materials on-hand.

Keeping a variety of sizes, colors and types of HTV on hand also lets you offer a wider variety of design options. When you offer more options and quicker turnaround than the competition, you might be surprised by how quickly your sales numbers start to increase.

Finding the Best Heat Transfer Supplier

If heat press vinyl materials are a major component of your business, it is critical to choose your materials carefully. It is equally important to choose your heat transfer supplier carefully.

If you are looking for HTV in bulk or vinyl bundles for sale, call on the seasoned experts at Spandex.  We are known throughout the industry for our exceptional value and customer service.

We sell the best heat transfer vinyl products available today. We maintain a large inventory of HTV products from the finest manufacturers in the industry. This includes the highly popular Siser EasyWeed® and Poli-Tape TurboFlex® products.

We have a wide range of sizes, types and colors. You can shop safely and easily on our website, click here to see our wide range of HTV products or contact us for assistance.

We also stock everything you need to create and apply your designs, including heat presses, plotters and accessories.

Browse our website to find what you need or contact us now for help with all of your HTV needs.

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