Wrap your head around new business opportunities

If you’ve added vehicle wrapping to your signage and graphics portfolio, you’re no doubt enjoying a lucrative revenue stream in addition to more conventional graphics applications.

Businesses of all sizes love the mobile impact of a full or partial vehicle wrap – a creatively designed wrap grabs attention wherever it goes, creating a talking point for the brand and generating sales leads.  And for many service businesses, a professionally branded and well-maintained vehicle fleet is part of the way the brand presents itself, creating a positive impression of professionalism and attention to detail.

But have you considered the wider potential of vehicle wrapping as a service to personal vehicle owners?  Of course, most car owners are not interested in using their vehicle as an outdoor advertising medium, but plain vehicle wraps can add the visual ‘wow factor’ to a prized car, bike, or even boat, while also preserving its value.

With the huge range of car wrapping films coming from the major manufacturers, customers can choose from a dazzling array of colours, textures and effects, giving them the scope to transform any vehicle – whether it’s a top-of-the-range executive car or an urban run-around – into something that will turn heads.

Try offering matte films; in Spandex’s leading markets for wrap they’re a very popular choice with drivers of luxury cars. An understated matte black, for example, says quality and class, while still letting the vehicle stand out from the crowd.

Chrome films create a sharp, mirror effect and are available in a range of colours, from classic silver and gold to jewel-brights like red, blue, purple and emerald green. On a sportier model, silver chrome film combines well with matte black for even stronger impact.

For the younger market, think about showcasing some more outlandish brights and even neon wraps – they’re a big hit for attention-seeking personal car owners whose car is an extension of their personality.

There’s another potentially valuable vehicle wrap market you may not have considered too. A coloured or textured wrap may not be to everybody’s taste, but a full wrap has valuable protective properties for the vehicle, shielding the paintwork from chips and scuffs. If you’re already wrapping with printed or coloured vinyls, then add a transparent protective stoneguard vinyl to your offering, and start actively marketing the potential for car owners to have their car ‘invisibly’ wrapped to protect the residual value of their capital asset.

With the average vehicle depreciating at between 12 and 15% a year according to insurance industry estimates, many car owners will be happy to spend a modest amount on a wrap to keep the paintwork pristine, cutting out body shop bills and delivering an optimal resale price when the time comes to trade up.

For more information on the latest coloured, textured and transparent vehicle wrapping films, and expert pointers on how to market your vehicle wrapping services to personal vehicle owners, speak to Spandex.



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