Spandex expands its ImagePerfect portfolio with the launch of six textiles for latex, solvent and UV printers

June 2017

Zurich, Switzerland – Spandex is adding seven new textile substrates to its ImagePerfect range of materials that have been specifically designed for latex, solvent and/or UV printers.

These new substrates complement the existing ImagePerfect portfolio, offering sign makers and graphics producers a choice of 21 textile materials compatible with existing latex, solvent or UV printers.

Leon Watson, Spandex UK General Manager comments: “Our new textiles offer Spandex customers enormous potential, enabling them to deliver highly profitable and visually stunning soft signage and décor applications simply using the print devices they already have in their shops.”

Watson continues: “The market is witnessing huge growth in textile applications, either for use in interior décor and soft signage, or as an alternative to PVC vinyl or even rigid materials. The reasons for this growth are aesthetic and economic: designers and architects are moving away from PVC and looking for materials that deliver a softer, sleeker look and feel. Textiles also deliver cost benefits compared with conventional materials, being reusable and lighter to transport. This is particularly significant for the exhibitions and events market. Stands were previously built predominantly using rigid materials, but many stand designers are moving to light textile systems that are cheaper to transport, require less resource to build and are completely reusable.”

The new ImagePerfect materials from Spandex now allow graphic producers to take advantage of this lucrative growth opportunity, without the need to invest in a dedicated textile printer, which has previously been an understandable barrier.

The seven new ImagePerfect products are:

ImagePerfect 2325 Display Premium is a “go to product” for soft signage applications including banners, pop-ups, silicone edged graphics, inflatables and backlit installations.

ImagePerfect 2326 Display Grey Back is a curl-free material for use in display applications with a higher level of opacity, including roll-ups, backdrops and banners.

ImagePerfect 2327 Backlit has a special light diffusion back-coating which makes it ideal for backlit displays in light boxes. It can also be used in a wide variety of non-illuminated display applications, including banners and backdrops.

ImagePerfect 2328 Display Satin offers the user a choice of two printable finishes; one matt and the other satin. It can be used for display applications, including framing systems, pop-ups, backdrops, banners and table cloths.

ImagePerfect 2330 Canvas Banner is optimised for use in artistic reproductions, textile billboards, advertising banners, wallcoverings and backdrops.

ImagePerfect 2331 Banner Grey Back has a special coating on the backside that allows for its use in display applications, including banners, roll-ups, wallcoverings and canvas frames, all with a blockout effect.

The new ImagePerfect textiles offer fray-free performance, are suitable for cold knife cutting and are sold up to 3.2m in width. A number of the textiles also offer crease free or crease resistant properties and are fire rated.

Leon Watson concludes: “It’s no longer a question of ‘Will sign and graphic producers move into textile printing?’, but more a case of ‘When?’. The range of ImagePerfect textiles provides the perfect entry point for printers and graphics producers to deliver more visually stunning designs and concepts on textile materials and take advantage of the escalating buyer demand for these products.”

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