Spandex celebrates its 40th year with the launch of the ‘GERBER EDGE FX 40th Anniversary Edition’

Gerber’s exclusive European distributor, Spandex, introduces a new edition of the legendary GERBER EDGE® FX to celebrate a machine that revolutionized the sign making industry

October 2016

Originally launched in 1993, the GERBER EDGE printer transformed signage and graphics production. The world’s first affordable, durable computer-controlled printer for vinyl and film substrates for both indoor and outdoor graphics, the GERBER EDGE built on the success of the company’s  Graphix 4 machine – which was the world’s first vinyl cutting computer, launched in 1983.

The original GERBER EDGE provided an alternative solution to the time-consuming job of cutting and applying individual letters to create signs. Printing the letters on a colour or clear surface and then applying a contour cut to the grouped text was a true revolution in graphics production and resulted in a fast, efficient method for sign makers. As Gerber’s exclusive European distributor, Spandex saw the huge potential in this machine and made it its mission to get the ground breaking printer into the hands of sign makers right across the continent.

In 1999, the original printer was succeeded by the EDGE 2 which included all the features of the original while printing up to three times faster with improved output quality. The GERBER EDGE FX was then introduced in 2005 with even further advances in speed and print resolution, offering an efficient, environmentally-friendly thermal printing process that produces durable, instantly dry prints.

GERBER EDGE FX 40th anniversary edition

GERBER EDGE FX 40th anniversary edition

Today, the GERBER EDGE FX 40th Anniversary Edition thermal transfer printer is the ideal solution for the quick creation of durable, short run graphics for a wide variety of specialist applications. With its small footprint, the GERBER EDGE FX digital production system offers graphic professionals a complete matched technology system when combined with Gerber’s own OMEGA workflow Software; the Gerber 15″ sprocketed plotters and is compatible with over  30 EDGE READY materials and 75 GerberColor Foils. This ensures graphics producers can use Gerber’s software and equipment for the entire production process from graphic design to printing and plotting.

The GERBER EDGE FX is constantly being updated with new features. Some of the latest improvements include an updated firmware which makes production processes even faster and easier and a new backlit keypad, making it easier to see in dark or bright lighting conditions.

“The versatility of the GERBER EDGE FX is one of its biggest strengths,” says Jim Rich, Category Director for Spandex. “When you combine the EDGE’s features with such a wide variety of matched materials and colour possibilities, the applications can be endless.”

In addition to an extensive range of sign making applications, including retail, restaurants and other public spaces, the GERBER EDGE FX is ideal for niche applications such as variable data & barcodes, labelling, logos and decals, warning and safety signs, as well as vehicle graphics.

The GERBER EDGE FX can offer a cost effective solution compared to wide format inkjet printers for some applications; for example, short-run jobs and prototypes, variable data handling and barcode printing. It also offers unique application possibilities with its range of specialist materials and its ability to print white and metallic – a feature which is not currently offered by many wide format systems.

Application possibilities are enhanced due to the range of materials available which include cast, calendered and reflective vinyl, polycarbonate, clear films, metallic, polyester label stock and magnetic. The colour versatility is also outstanding with more than 70 spot colours, including white and transparent, plus CMYK to choose from. In addition, customers can use the GerberColor Spectratone™ to create over 3,000 colours simply by printing one spot colour foil on top of another.

Unlike any other digital printing system, the GERBER EDGE FX is capable of printing brilliant spot and process colours, metallics and even white, directly to a whole host of EDGE READY materials. The output is dry, easily handled and ready to use almost anywhere – indoor or outdoor – without the need to laminate which increases production time. Outdoor graphics have a five-year durability expanding further the uses for the GERBER EDGE.

Gerber manufactures materials that comply with FAA specifications and airline-related UL flammability standards, which are suited for aircraft interior applications. The system’s small footprint makes it ideal for use in manufacturing processes, in-plant services or other industrial applications.

”With its proven technology, small system footprint, no print odours and reusable cartridges, the GERBER EDGE is a very user friendly piece of equipment. When combined with Gerber OMEGA software and a Gerber 15” plotter, graphic production becomes an easy process from beginning to end,” concludes Jim.

Applications are endless and new profitable offerings are being discovered all the time.

The GERBER EDGE FX is no doubt a great addition to any existing sign makers’ workshop or end-user’s shop floor.



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