New ImagePerfect™ 3200 and IP 3300 ranges of coloured self-adhesive vinyls for promotional applications

April 2021

Spandex, the one-stop supplier of innovative solutions to the sign, graphics and display industries, is increasing the choice of self-adhesive coloured vinyls it offers customers, with a comprehensive new range of ImagePerfect products optimised for indoor and outdoor promotional applications.

The new launch includes two products: ImagePerfect 3200 Promotional Gloss vinyls with permanent adhesive, and ImagePerfect 3300 Promotional Matt vinyls with removable adhesive.

ImagePerfect 3200 3300

Across both products, the monomeric films are suitable for flat-surface applications including short-term signage, window graphics, retail graphics, fleet graphics, exhibition graphics, information boards and menus, and wall graphics.

Each product is available in 50 popular colours. The IP 3200 Promotional Gloss range offers an extended choice of the bright primary colours that are favourites for signage. In contrast, the IP 3300 Promotional Matt palette incorporates additional grey and brown shades and more pastel options, reflecting customer preferences for more subtle colours for applications such as removable wall graphics. A colour match service is also available for these products.

ImagePerfect 3300 Wall Decal

All IP 3200 and IP 3300 coloured products are durable for three years. The black and white films in the range are available in both Gloss and Matt, with a choice of either permanent or removable adhesive, and offer extended five-year durability.

The new ImagePerfect 3200 and ImagePerfect 3300 products incorporate the same high-quality film layer as the popular intermediate IP 3500 series, while using an advanced water-based adhesive system and a high quality liner. Together, these deliver an affordable product with excellent cutting and weeding properties, and all the performance qualities needed for promotional or decorative applications with a shorter lifespan.

The water-based adhesive has been formulated by ImagePerfect specifically for these new products. It enables wet application without the milky residue that installers often experience when working with films that use conventional water-based adhesives.

Stefano Nigrone, Director of ImagePerfect, comments: “Demand for affordable vinyls for everyday short-term promotional applications is consistently strong. With the expectation that activity in retail and events will begin to recover as we move into Spring 2021, this is likely to accelerate. We’re ready to support customers with over 100 new ImagePerfect coloured films that really hit the spot in terms of value and choice, and can outperform many alternatives in this category when it comes to application.”

The new IP 3200 Promotional Gloss and IP 3300 Promotional Matt vinyls are available from Spandex from February 2021 in all standard roll widths, with next-day delivery for orders over one metre.

For more product information, to order a colour card or place an order, please visit our webshop or call 0800 77 26 33.

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