A cool idea: reducing energy costs with sun protection window films

By Holger Geiser, Building Window Films specialist

Carbon footprint reduction has become a business priority worldwide, and with rising energy costs now also a global concern, there’s a sharp focus on limiting the need to cool buildings using energy-intensive air conditioning. For workplaces, retail spaces, schools and private homes, self-adhesive Sun Protection Window Films offer a practical, affordable and durable solution.

Applied to windows, shopfronts and glass facades, Sun Protection Window Films can play a powerful role in reducing the amount of heat and light entering a building, by rejecting up to 86% of total solar energy radiation while leaving satisfactory levels of natural daylight. We call this ‘passive cooling’ and it can reduce indoor temperatures by between 3.5 and 12°C on average, depending on variables such as the building’s existing insulation, the size of the glazed area, the chosen sun film and the local climate.

There are two key benefits for property owners:

Up to 30% energy saving

The impact on a building’s running costs can be substantial. Potential energy saving in an air conditioned business can be up to 30%, depending on the chosen sun film and the climate of the region. How? By shortening cooling cycles of air conditioning systems and reducing the energy level required for cooling. Maintenance costs for air conditioning systems will therefore also be reduced.

And the ROI for the end user or property owner from installing Sun Protection Window Films? It’s fast. A typical ground floor installation of around 25m2 of exterior Sun Protection Film might cost the end customer between €1600 and €3000 depending on film type, including installation. This outlay could be recovered within three years via reduced cooling costs – potentially faster, if energy costs continue to rise at current rates.

Improved well-being and productivity

Sun Protection Window Films and UV Protection Window Films inherently filter out harsh UV rays which can be harmful long periods of time which is an added benefit for owners and occupants.
As well as lowering indoor temperatures, Sun Protection Window Films eliminate hot-spots and minimise glare on screens, improving comfort, with positive consequences for health, well-being and productivity.
At a practical level, Sun protection Window Films and UV Protection Window Films also delay fading of furniture, carpets, wall coverings and furnishings, effectively extending their lifespan and so reducing long-term refurbishment costs and waste.

Protect yourself from harmful UV rays with UV Protection window films

A clear growth opportunity for sign makers, graphic producers and installers

These Solar films, depending on the film type, can be applied to virtually any exterior or interior glass surface by any installer experienced in applying decorative or promotional window graphics, and removed at any time without damage to the underlying surface.

Market demand for these functional ‘climate control’ films is increasing year on year, as weather conditions change and customers recognise the potential environment and cost-saving benefits of these solutions against the relatively low investment required. At the same time, national governments in many countries are imposing more ambitious targets for carbon reduction, with buildings among the priorities for improvement.
So Sun Protection Window Films offer a lucrative, high-margin growth opportunity for visual communications businesses with existing connections to facilities managers, architects and designers.

Performance products, expert support

At Spandex, we offer a broad selection of sun protection glass films from leading brands covering a huge variety of aesthetic and performance attributes. Window tinters, refit/refurbishment businesses, sign-makers and graphic installers have access to a comprehensive choice of highly-engineered films for refits or new build projects for all types of clients, from major corporates to residential properties.

And, if you’re new to Solar Protection Window Film products, rest assured we can support you with all the project, product and application expertise you need to make the right selection and deliver an excellent result for the customer.

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Author – Holger Geiser

Holger Geiser has 30 years’ experience in Window Films, which he uses to help Spandex customers take advantage of the growth opportunities with Sun Protection and Functional films. Holger offers sign makers, graphics producers and installers a deep understanding of these speciality products and their applications, supporting visual communications businesses to develop additional revenue streams in the architectural and building window markets.



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