Introducing European-produced wrap film Omega Skinz

The Best Skin you can Drive in

Spandex Australia announces the launch of the European produced automotive film solutions – Omega Skinz. Known as the best skin you can drive in: it’s transformational car wrapping film with unmatched flexibility and superior quality.

Omega Skinz is not just a roll of wrapping film in a nice colour; it is a concept, a style, and an image that sets a new standard in the industry.

Omega Skinz is a pioneering force in the realm of artistic inspiration, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of creative expression. With a passion for innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence, they continuously strive to provide professionals with the tools and resources needed to unleash their artistic potential. Through their meticulously curated colour collections, aiming to empower creative minds and foster a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Omega Skinz offers a very soft and flexible self-adhesive cast film that provides the conformability you would expect, along with its multi-layered construction providing unparalleled depth of colour that provides an auto like paint finish.

Proudly manufactured by Grafityp Self-adhesive Products N.V (est. 1945). and SOTT International B.V. at the state-of-the-art Grafityp factory in Houthalen, Belgium. The collaborative efforts of these two industry-leading companies have resulted in a product that combines Grafityp’s manufacturing expertise and quality control with SOTT’s innovation, marketing skill, and trend-setting creativity, Omega Skinz was born.

Together, they have redefined the car wrapping industry and ushered into a new era of excellence.

“To me it represents what the wrap industry is all about, wrapping for me in the funest job in the world and it’s gotten so big now, it’s grown, you can actual do what you love, find your niche and make money on it and really showcase your personality and just have fun and there’s no better example than Omega Skinz,” said [Justin Pate], Industry wrap expert from The Wrap Institute.

Imagine a car wrapping film that behaves like magic when exposed to heat. Omega Skinz film becomes incredibly pliable when heated to temperatures between 40 and 50 degrees Celsius, making it the ideal choice. Even at such modest temperatures, the film becomes incredibly malleable and pliable, enabling effortless application coupled with outstanding stability. Omega Skinz is engineered to deliver optimum performance even in the most demanding outdoor conditions.

The colours are divided into 3 uniquely profound colour categories consisting of Uni, Extraordinary & Sophisticated whereby their colour names are a collection of hues that exude timeless elegance and sophistication. These colours characterise refinement and are poised to elevate any artistic or design endeavour, leaving an indelible impression on the senses. Some of the exotic names include Angel Dust, Vortex Orange, Toxic Swamp, Mean Green Racing Machine and Moon Halo.

Check out Omega Skinz mind-blowing colours – exclusively available at Spandex 

“The automotive category has become one of the most rewarding for our customers in the last decade, particularly the re-styling segment, as it has grown faster than any other segment. On this journey, many of us have learnt together, bringing the global automotive innovations and expertise to the Australian market, that have enabled personalisation, branding and re-styling to reach all parts of Australia. We are excited to bring this amazing offering to our customers and continue our path in leading our local industry, through the highest quality products that complement the wrapping craftsmanship.” elaborates [Ben McCauley], Spandex Australia Managing Director.

Omega Skinz proudly offers an outstanding collection of not only coloured film but printable film options too. The specially developed printable films present a unique ink absorption for enhanced colour depth and a captivating “wow” factor. The metallic pigments remain visible through the print, elevating the design work with a high-class finish. Whether it’s a custom creation or a commercial print on a company vehicle, Omega Skinz Printables unveil a series of enchanting and mysterious Pearl of Wisdom, Silver Spirit along with satin and gloss clear overlaminates Razor Blade and Clearcoat.

As we wrap up, let it be known that Omega Skinz surpasses the definition of a simple car wrapping film with a pleasing hue. It represents a profound concept, an embodiment of style and allure. No detail has been overlooked in its creation, as quality is revealed in its visual presentation. From its inception, Omega Skinz exudes an aura of distinction, leaving a lasting impression that extends far beyond its surface.

Omega Skinz car wrapping film is now available ONLINE for car wrappers and industry professionals.

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