Exploring the Versatility and Customer Experience with Omega Skinz: A Wrap Film Review

Let’s delve into the world of vehicle wrap films and explore the unique features and experiences offered by Omega Skinz. In this blog, we’ll hear from a seasoned installer who shares their firsthand insights on choosing, working with, and evaluating Omega Skinz. Let’s dive right in! Omega Skinz has caught the attention of many professionals in the industry. We sat down and chatted with Brad from Wrapt Grafix, who’s an experienced installer to learn more about his involvement with this wrap film.

What made you choose Omega Skinz?

According to Brad, “My rep called to advise me it was being made available, so I got him to swing by the shop and show me the range. I was immediately blown away by the colours and depth/finishes of the media, so I had to give it a try.”

What features of the wrap film are most valuable for business?

When it comes to business value, Brad explains, “The choice of colours, the finishes, and the marketing tools. I can’t say one brand is valuable to my business as colour change is a personal choice, and it is my job to educate and guide clients in making a choice.”

How was the film to work with – including info on performance, installation spintallereed, repositionability, forming, etc.?

Describing their experience with the film, Brad shares, “As an experienced installer, I found it very easy to work with even in not perfect conditions. It was around 5 degrees in my shop when I started laying it, but I also like to test films in non-perfect conditions to see how it works.”

What do you think about the colour selection?

When asked about the colour selection, Brad praises, “Brilliant. Some have taken over from my favourites of another brand I use a lot.”

 How effective is it at addressing the needs of your customers compared to other wrap films?

Highlighting the importance of customer needs, Brad states, “Some finishes will be great as there are no options with other brands, but as said above, colour change is a personal thing. What I like doesn’t mean the client likes it, and at the end of the day, it is about them, not me.”

What are you trying to solve by using Omega Skinz?

Expressing their future goals, Brad explains, “Another great option of finishes for my clients and potential customers.”

What would you say to other wrap businesses wanting to use a new wrapping film?

Offering advice to fellow wrap businesses, Brad emphasises, “It is imperative that the business and their installers know how the materials work, how they can work with it, and develop techniques to make the job as perfect as it can be.”

Now that you’ve fully installed Omega Skinz on a vehicle, how satisfied was the customer with the install?

Reflecting on a personal experience, Brad shares, “Ummm, this one is a really hard one for me to answer as I took the liberty of wrapping my wife’s car while she was away on business. I use, much to my wife’s disgust, her car for testing. Everyone else, bar her, has complimented and been blown away by how it looks, but alas, she hates the colour herself. Again, it goes back to it being personal. So, in a month’s time, I will have to remove it and hopefully get her to choose another colour from the Omega Skinz range as I want a longer-term test to see how it stands up to the conditions of the environment here in Australia.”

Omega Skinz offers a range of stunning colours and finishes that captivate installers and customers alike. However, it’s important to remember that preferences vary, and the satisfaction of clients should always be the top priority. By understanding the unique features and benefits of Omega Skinz, wrap businesses can provide their customers with an expanded range of options, ultimately enhancing the overall customer experience.

Admire the awesome colours here – https://shop.spandex.com/en_AU/brands/omega-skinz/c/BR_Omega_Skinz

Thank you Brad, for taking the time to give us insights into your Omega Skinz experience. Looking forward to seeing future projects with Omega Skinz come to life.



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