Left Bank Art Group and their new HP Latex R2000 Plus Printer

From the company’s conception over 30 years ago, Left Bank Art Group has established itself as one Australia’s premier fine art printing and picture framing companies, and they are showing no signs of slowing down. The philosophy of this family-owned business has always been to provide specialist knowledge and exceptional service, not just for the people locally, but across the entire country. With a small but dedicated team, they make the perfect partner for artists and interior designers.

In 2009, Toby Simm joined his parent’s business, as he saw the potential that he could bring to the company by adding digital printing and graphics to the range of framing and consultancy services already offered.

“We supply artists of all levels with high-resolution scans of their works for quality reproduction, onto paper and canvas, framed or unframed, dispatched directly to their customer. We also supply interior designers with framed prints for display homes, apartments, hotels, bars, and aged care facilities. We like to keep up with the latest in technology, as it has become an integral part of growing our business, keeping us at the top of our game. In addition to our framing and fulfilment business, the move to digitally print all types of media, meant we could offer a complete solution for artists and interior designers,” said Toby.

After many years of a close working relationship with Spandex’s Gold Coast Business Development Manager, Shannon Pawson, Toby reached out to Spandex to discuss taking the printing side of their business to the next level. After extensive research and consultation, the team at Left Bank Art Group recently invested in the Revolutionary HP Latex R2000 Plus printer.

Jarrod White, Spandex Hardware Specialist, was very excited about introducing the HP Latex R2000 Plus Printer to Toby and the team at Left Bank Art Group. “I was greeted with such a great forward-thinking business that I have not seen before in the fine art and display industry. Toby showed so much passion for the quality of work he was offering to his current customers.”

“Toby was taken back by the samples and the quality he would achieve by direct printing with the HP Latex R2000 Plus. He could see straight away the opportunity of opening his business to new markets, as well as growing his existing business through the implementation of the HP Latex flatbed technology,” said Jarrod.

We asked Toby why he chose the HP Latex R2000 Plus printer, and the simple answer was quality! “Our markets demand the highest quality and HP provides quality above other manufacturers. Environmentally friendliness was also a deciding factor, as we’ve used other technologies in the past and haven’t been happy with the environmental impact they have. We supply wallpapers for installation into kid’s rooms, aged care facilities, restaurants, and bars, so the ‘green’ solution was an obvious choice.”

“The hybrid HP Latex R2000 Plus printer was a good match for us, as we already have a demand for roll-to-roll products. The addition of a flatbed for rigid materials means we can expand into new markets, but also increase production speed and lower costs by printing directly to boards, instead of printing onto paper and dry-mounting,” said Toby.

Since installing the HP Latex R2000 Plus printer, Left Bank Art Group’s production speed has increased, and their consumables cost reduced. It has also opened up new markets for rigid materials, for example, they are now able to print onto kitchen splashbacks, yoga mats, cardboard boxes, and acrylic panels.

“Spandex has been instrumental in providing new rigid media for us to print on and grow our business but has also been a huge help in just introducing us to other businesses that we can partner with to grow our business. We hope to continue growing and expand nationally over the next five years,” said Toby.

Congratulations on the purchase, from all of us here at Spandex, we are excited to be supporting the Left Bank Art Group team into the future.

For further information about the HP Latex R Series Printers, please contact Spandex’s Hardware Specialist, Jarrod White.

email:     jarrod.white@spandex.com.au
mobile:  0419 463 157




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