Major Benefits of Vehicle Wraps for Your Branding

If you’re a business owner or marketing manager considering the best ways to get your marketing and branding materials in front of clients, the realm of mobile vehicle advertising is one you should definitely be thinking about. Specifically, the use of vehicle wraps is a common, effective and affordable way of getting your message and branding out to a wide swath of people every day.

At Spandex, we offer a wide range of vehicle wrap kits, vehicle wrap tools and other products to assist you in these and similar vehicle advertising efforts. What are some of the key areas of value that vehicle wraps offer in particular? Here are several to keep in mind.

Vehicle Protection

Before we even get into the specific branding-related benefits of car wraps, a tangential benefit that also helps with branding is the fact that car wraps actually protect your vehicle’s paint job from scratches, dirt, debris and other wear and tear that can occur over time. This helps preserve the value of your company car or fleet vehicles and also cuts down on maintenance costs associated with keeping those vehicles looking their best.

In fact, many vehicle owners are surprised by just how much additional protection vehicle wraps can offer. If you’re not convinced, just ask anyone who’s had a car wrap applied and then removed – they’ll likely tell you that the paint job underneath is in better condition than before, thanks to the vehicle wrap!

Easy to Apply and Remove

Another big advantage that car wraps have over traditional paint jobs is the fact that they’re much easier to apply – and remove, if need be. This makes it easy to experiment with different looks for your fleet without making a long-term commitment – and if you do decide you want to go with a certain look for the long haul, the removal process is just as simple and straightforward.

This also makes car wraps ideal for seasonal campaigns or other short-term branding efforts. You can simply have the wrap removed when the campaign is over and return your vehicle to its original appearance – or try out a new look altogether.

Fully Customizable

No matter what look you’re going for with your vehicle wraps, the sky is really the limit in terms of customization. You can choose from a wide range of colors, designs, fonts and other elements to create the perfect look for your brand.

This is ideal for business owners or marketing managers who want to have full control over their branding efforts and how their vehicles are represented. You can be as creative – or as conservative – as you want, and you’re always guaranteed to end up with a look that’s in line with your brand identity.

Limited Maintenance Needs

Another key advantage of car wraps is the fact that they don’t require much in terms of maintenance. Once a wrap is installed, it will last for years with minimal care – and even then, the maintenance needs are far lower than those of a traditional paint job.

For example, you’ll never have to worry about touch-ups or re-painting with a car wrap. And if it does become damaged or faded over time, it can simply be replaced – often for less than it would cost to repair a traditional paint job. This is a big selling point for busy business owners or fleet managers who don’t have the time or resources to invest in maintaining a large number of vehicles.

Incredibly Cost-Efficient

Vehicle wraps are a one-time expense to install — and once this is done, they recoup their value numerous times over as they’re seen by tens of thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of people.

In other words, car wraps are an incredibly cost-effective way to get your branding and marketing message out there. And since they last for years with minimal care, you’ll be able to enjoy this return on investment for a long time to come. Unlike many other forms of branding, which require regular investments in order to maintain their effectiveness, car wraps just keep working – and working well – year after year.

Ideal for Any Business or Industry

Vehicle wraps are an ideal solution for any business or industry – and this is true regardless of the size of your fleet. From a single car wrap for a lone salesperson to a complete fleet wrap for a national company, car wraps can be customized to meet your needs and budget.

This versatility is one of the many reasons that car wraps have become such a popular solution for businesses of all types. No matter what you’re selling or how big your company is, vehicle wraps are an effective way to get your message out there – and they offer a number of advantages that other forms of advertising simply can’t match.

For more on these concepts, or to learn about any of our vehicle wraps, window tint, paint protection film or other products, speak to the team at Spandex today.



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